Friday, August 04, 2006

Yet Another Sadness ... Woah In Game Screenshot

So far we've seen nothing but Sadness artwork from their creative designers but something new has come up today. But today is different. This time the developers, NIBRIS, have said this is not artwork but actual in game screenshots of the PC-Work Station they are currently playing the game on. Check it: “this is not artwork - its from PC work-station shot in-game. We hope that for Wii this game will be look like in this screen or very near.” - Nibris team member Ah very good pic indeed. Looks like a real black and white movie as proclaimed by the creators. And as said there would be no HUB so definetly no stuff on screen. But still don't know if this is reall as of yet but gaze at the wonders of this screenshot as it is quite nice. Zucas


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