Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Will Wright Talks Spore on Consoles

Will Wright is the creator of the popular and award winning game Spore which is soon to come out on the PC. It has received many awards over the last 2 E3's with some of the top prizes there are to give. But today he talks about how he wants to bring them to the consoles and handhelds and how they'd be different: "We’re looking at all the platforms for Spore, because we’re thinking about Spore as a franchise, not as a PC game. We’re going to do the PC game first, but really, what we’re trying to launch is an entire franchise that will be all across platforms," Wright told us when we caught up with him in San Francisco recently. "It will probably take very different forms depending on the platforms. We might even pull out parts of the game – so you might be playing part of the game on a handheld platform, you might be playing the entire game but maybe more avatar-based on a console. The consoles are getting kind of different now – I think there’s a really interesting distinction between the Wii and the Xbox 360 and PS3. Something like the Wii offers a lot of interesting creative opportunities for the editors, with the controller." Ah very interesting. It seems like he wants to bring it to all consoles and handhelds but he's really leaning toward the Wii right now at about the distinction it gives. And the main problem with porting this game is the mouse and keyboard the Wii gives up that mouse option which solves one problem. I believe it will go to all consoles and let's hope for that. Will Wright has expressed a lot of interest in the Wii lately so I think it's a definite for the Wii but all consoles would be great for EA as a whole and they definetly have the manpower to do it. Zucas


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