Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ubisoft and Midway Love Wii

And when people started to get scared that the Wii may have a lack of good titles it seems that Ubisoft and Midway have said nay. In a recen report Ubisoft has stated they have 7 titles in the work for the Wii while Midway says they have 6 titles in the works. While for Ubisoft we know that 2 of those titles are Rayman and Red Steel that still leaves 5 unannounced titles. This goes back to the old rumors that 5 Ubisoft titles were to come out at or around launch. Those titles were Farcy, Prince of Persia project, Blazing Angels, Monster Trucks, and GT. It seems that these rumors may turn out to be very true as it fits everything especially when it was retailers saying this. As for Midway they've announced their 6 and only Motal Kombat: Armageddon and Rampage: Total Destruction which I'll get into soon have been announced. All in all that leaves 4 titles which will be very interesting to see which they are. All in all great news which gives the will 13 titles from 2 great developers. Along with EA and Activision it seems the Wii is gaining alot of support from all the major American developers which changes their thought from the late GC. Let's hope all these titles are shown at LGC. Zucas


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