Friday, August 11, 2006

Tony Hawk: Downhill Jam Interview

And a game that is really turning out to be one of my launch day buys has just got an interview revealing some slight stuff about the game and Wii hardware. This is a Q & A with Toy For Bob's Alex Ness who is the producer of the Wii title, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. Here are some pieces of the inteview. PGC: How many levels are there? Are there multiple routes per level? Ness: We have 8 different environments that are very large and we’ve broken them up into at least 96 separate events. Each event has a main route but there are plenty of shortcuts players can find. PGC: What do the programmers think of the Wii's graphic hardware? Is it as easy to program for as Nintendo claims? Ness: It’s definitely been very easy for us to work with so far. We got everything up and running fast, within a couple of days of getting dev kits. And we haven’t hit any major technical snags either. As far as graphic hardware, we think it’s definitely suitable for the game we’re making. The ability to use bump maps to textures and anti-aliasing effects has made a big difference and the extra memory has allowed us to add more things to the screen - pedestrians, animations, destructibles, etc. – all the stuff that makes the game feel more alive. The interview goes on to talk about tricks, characters, types of races, levels, lenght of races, multiplayer, and hardware. Also very interesting that it'll have 96 different events. That's crazy. And I like what they say about hardware cause I didn't know that. It does seem that the Wii can do anti-aliasing which it was previously thought not able to do. So that clears up all the jaggies. Also it will have more memory than we thought of so still alot left on the hardware side to reveal about the Wii. But great interview and I can't wait for this game. This is a Wii Launch game from Toys For Bob and Activision. Zucas


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