Thursday, August 03, 2006

Recent Wii Specs Proven False

A little while back another set of Wii specs came out that suggested the Wii would be exactly what IGN had posted in about March 2006. Although it seemed like this supposed developer new his stuff and new what he was talking about it just seems that it's no more than a good copy and past job. Check out this: Oh, waitaminute… I’m sorry. Those are specs I copied and pasted from one of the many pages of unofficial Gekko documentation that I was able to dig up on Google with a few keystrokes. The MaxConsole list features the same data, in the same order, with a few phrasing tweaks and the MHz numbers revised upwards. For what it’s worth, I even went back to my own archive of official GameCube docs to verify the specs above, and I picked through the MaxConsole post looking for something that might set their information apart as different from Gekko–an enlarged buffer, a reduced latency, a new functional block, anything–but I came up empty-handed. And that clears up another rumor. So we've seen low and high specs released of the Wii console but so far nothing real has been shown. Makes you wonder if Nintendo will ever release it's specs but for all of those who started to believe this it was just another rumor. I didn't think those were real either as they didn't have the IT-SRAM. More on Specs hopefully at LGC. Zucas


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