Friday, August 04, 2006

Recent EGM Rumors

In every Entertainment Gaming Magazine(EGM) it has a section that talks about recent rumors they've heard from sources. Here's the most recent issue's rumors. Pretty interesting ones indeed: - Saint's Row to be PS3 launch title - New Prince of Persia for next-gen consoles - Crysis sequel/spin-off to next-gen consoles - Luigi's Mansion sequel for Wii - Free Virtual Console games to be packaged with select Wii launch titles - Dumbed-down Halo to launch with Microsoft's inevitable handheld - The next Elder Scrolls game is scheduled to ship next summer Very interesting rumors but let's seperate what's possible and what isn't. The Saint's Row rumor is extremely possible. With a lot of people saying that Saint's Row is similar to GTA then with the GTA crowd in masses on the Sony consoles that it would be a real smart move to put it on the PS3 also. Prince of Persia is definetly inevitable due to the sheer popularity of the series. And with the recent rumors of a Wii version this is extremely possible. The Crysis one is possible if it's a remake or sequel for the console but I highly doubt that'd it be out anytime soon and they want start putting it on the console while excluding the PC. I mean we have to face the fact the consoles can't handle Crysis in it's original form right now this early so if they port it it will have to be numbed down extravently but maybe later on in the life cycle of all the consoles it will be portable over. Luigi's Mansion is very possible due to the large amount of sales from the last game and the Free Virtual Console games with the Wii launch titles is also possible. Just package in some free ones with every purchase of the console to get people pschyed about it. As for the Halo one and the MS handheld I don't know. I mean the handheld won't be out anytime soon at the earliest late next year. They'd probably just port a version of Halo 2 over cause that's probably the most it could handle. But basically it be a gimmick of the series to get buyers in but this is possible if a handheld comes which I still don't see possible. And Elder Scrolls 5 coming anytime soon is just a flat out lie. Bethesda is just too good for that and they'll spend awhile making the next one. Well a good healthy list of rumos and let's see how many come true. More on all of this as it comes. Source Zucas


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