Thursday, August 03, 2006

Prince of Persia Wii?

I talked about this earlier in my Ubisoft blow out post but I think it's big and should have a post dedicated to itself. The French Press release of the 7 titles from Ubisoft contained one more title that was dubbed Prince of Persia Wii. Yet in the American one this was simply left off. So Ubisoft of America had this to say about that: “We saw this too and Prince of Persia is not confirmed as either a Wii launch title or a title coming out in North America in March 2007 at this time.” - Ubisoft Rep Woah it seems like we have a discrepancy. I mean this is a press release in France and errors just don't happen like that. And this quick response seems to show the surprise that Ubisoft got from this. And the surprise seems to be that they said that more along the lines of it's realitivity or not. I think this is very real judging by what the retailers said earlier and they just dont' make mistakes in the Press Release. It seems that Ubisoft France might have ruined a secret that Ubisoft wanted to make a big surprise with at LGC. I think we can probably take this as an official announcement and say that a Prince of Persia game for the Wii is coming out March 2007. Zucas


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