Wednesday, August 02, 2006

MoSys Predicts Good Things for the Wii

The makers of the IT-SRAM that is being used in the Wii hardware, MoSys, talked today about a bright future that is going to come to the Wii. Check what they said: “We continue to make solid progress on the strategic initiatives announced earlier this year. We signed multiple CLASSIC Macro licensing deals during the quarter, initiated programs with semiconductor manufacturers at the advanced 65 nanometer process geometry, and further broadened our relationship with Nintendo and NEC. commented. Also during 2007 we anticipate strong royalty growth from the success of Nintendo’s Wii(TM) video game console.” - Chet Silvestri, Chief Executive Officer of MoSys Ah some good words from part of the hardware creators. Let's hope this turns out true but I have a good feeling it will. Lots of predictions that the Wii will do amazingly well and I think shortly we are about to see why. Zucas


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