Friday, August 04, 2006

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Wii Controls?

With the official announcement of the game a little earlier this week not rumors are heading up on how the controls are. As still a rumor this one is check out what the supposed controls will be: The basic “concept” is that the Wiimote will control arm actions, while the Nunchaku will take on leg actions. Light and heavy kicks, for example, will be done with the C and Z triggers on the Nunchaku. The analog stick lets you run (free roaming stages, similar to last two games). Finally, jumping is done by nudging the Nunchaku upwards. On the other hand (ba-dum-tsh), you have light and heavy punches done with A and B. Blocking is done with the d-pad, and yes, it blocks in the direction you press. Now, remember how in past fighting games moves were executed with a roll across the d-pad and a button press or two? Now, instead of the d-df-f style thumbrolls, you actually just point the Wiimote down and swing up to the forward position and then hit your button. This has two interesting side effects: 1) you can much more easily perform moves while running, as the controls are independent; 2) button mashers around the office are easily outed and christened with the new ‘flailer’ nomenclature. If you know what you’re doing it apparently looks pretty cool. Ah don't understand it that well but I get the main thing is that the wiimote controls the hands and the nunchuck attachment controls the kicks. And you can go over the entire thing to find out how this person thinks it should be controlled. I hope this game shows other developers how to create a fighting game with the Wiimote cause a lot of devs have been scared to make one on it but if this is a success then that'll definetly bring them in. Zucas


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