Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mavel Ultimate Alliance Wii Version Details

Really all we've known about the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance game for the Wii is that it's coming out on they system. Well the creators talk about the Wii version and give us details concerning gameplay and graphics. “The basic game controls like the camera and the movement and stuff like that — you can do that on the Wii with left side in most cases,” says Palmisano. “Then there are standard combo moves, which you can also do with the Wii controller.” But don’t expect that to mean you’ll have your arms flailing wildly. “I don’t know how many games you’re going to see where people are jumping around — our game is an RPG so it’s really hard to require that much physical energy to play a game for 30 hours,” he says. That said, players can look for character-specific special moves that will hopefully do a good job of taking advantage of the Wii controller. On the graphics side, Palmisano categorizes the Wii version as one step up from the current-gen versions and one step down from the PS3/360/PC versions. “Fundamentally, it’s almost using the same [character] models as the current-gen. They’re a little bit better. It’s actually got real-time shadows in it, and the way the Wii processes graphics is a little bit better.” Ah so a good lot of moves to take advantage of the amazing Wiimote. And yea I don't want all moves with the wiimote cause I'd probably get tired sooner or later but still a few special and natural moves would be wonderful. As for the graphics definetly good. Didn't think that it would be the same as the PS3/ X360 version but definetly in it's own area right in the middle. Let's hope to hear more about this soon. http://gonintendo.com/?p=4204 Zucas


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