Friday, August 11, 2006

July Hardware and Software sales in America

Well the July sales are out and it's been quite an interesting one for software and hardware. On a note July 2006 showed an extreme growth over analyst predictions by growing from the last 2 years of July. On that note let see what hardware had the most to contribute to that and I think we all know which one that is: NDS - 377,000 PS2 - 241,000 360 - 206,000 GBA - 163,000 PSP - 161,000 GCN - 44,000 XBX - 12,000 Haha were ya suprised. DS Lite goes for it's first full month in America and still stands up extremely strong numbers. Last month it sold over 500,000 and retains steady good sales which is a big reason why the increases have occured. And still the last beats the new as PS2 continues to outsell the 360 even though the X360 sported alot of new games. While as sad as it may seem the current has beaten the new again where even the Game Boy Advance has sold more than the PSP. Then we have the dead consoles of the GC and Xbox where I'm happy to say that the Gamecube sold almost 3x as much as the Xbox wit aposolutely no games coming to it although the Xbox has another console out. Anyways strong sales from the DS are expected to continue due to the release of the DS Lite and big titles coming out continously til the end of the year. I expect that soon DS will overtake PSP in shipments in America also. Now to software which I'll show the top 25 selling games by sales: #/Console/Game/#of sales 1. PS2 NCAA FOOTBALL 07 492,000 2. 360 NCAA FOOTBALL 07 332,000 3. NDS NEW SUPER MARIO BROS 300,000 4. PS2 GRAND THEFT AUTO: LIBERTY C 183,000 5. XBX NCAA FOOTBALL 07 145,000 6. PS2 CARS 121,000 7. NDS BRAIN AGE: TRAIN YOUR BRAIN 120,000 8. NDS BIG BRAIN ACADEMY 118,000 9. GBA CARS 115,000 10. 360 CHROMEHOUNDS 111,000 11. 360 LORD OF THE RINGS: BATTLE F 108,000 12. PS2 FIFA WORLD CUP 2006 105,000 13. PS2 NARUTO: ULTIMATE NINJA 104,000 14. 360 PREY 103,000 15. PS2 STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT II 82,000 16. PS2 GUITAR HERO BUNDLE 80,000 17. PS2 GOD OF WAR 74,000 18. GCN CARS 65,000 19. PS2 GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDRE 63,000 20. PS2 MIDNIGHT CLUB 3: DUB ED REM 61,000 21. PS2 NFL HEAD COACH 60,000 22. GBA SUPER MARIO ADVANCE 59,000 23. PS2 PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: T 56,000 24. NDS MARIO KART 53,000 25. NDS ANIMAL CROSSING: WILD WORLD 51,000 And now we find the other part of the equation. That being NCAA Football 2007 which sold insane which along with the DS Lite contributed to the increase this month. With the PS2 selling the most is not a surprise but the 360 version sold quite a bit for the small amount of buyers there are. Also the Xbox version made it's way up there. The thing is the entire series sold about 1 million copies all together this month which is nothing short of incredible. Americans do love there football. The PS2 had the most games on the top 25 with 12 while the DS came in second with 5. The 360 came in with 4 titles, GBA with 2, and the Xbox and GC with 1. As we can still all see is that New Super Mario Bros is still selling amazing in America like it does everywhere else. I remember people saying a little while back that nobody likes Mario anymore. It's just not at big as it used to be. WRONG. And I have just about everything to prove that against ya. Whoever said that should definetly be slapped. Anyways the new releases for the X360 definetly hit up there which contained Prey, Chromehounds, and LOTR:BFME. All sold quite well in it's 1st month but I don't expect those to continue to stay up high. Anyways in other stuff the PSP was the only system that didn't have a game in America last month that sold more than 50k which makes everyone wonder how Sony is still shipping as many to America as it is. Although the definite answer to that is Sony counts hardware units as shipments but some still do not believe that. Anyways next month should be lay back for the 360 with not as many titles hitting out and should be layback for everyone but the DS. The PS2 should sell as normal. When we start hitting October then sales are going to shoot up so be prepared for that. Zucas


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