Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Journey's Top 3 Games of the Last Gen

Well here it is; what you all have been waiting for! Personally I thought this game ranked itself to be one of the best shooters with an excellent story line that kept you on the edge of your seat. I was really impressed with the online half of the game and the feature that allowed you to go online to and search your stats up. That was just amazing. Overall #1! Socom 3! This game didn't really live up to it's predecessor Socom 2 but it did have one major launch. Exactly one day before the launch of this game Spike T.V. did an exclusive Socom Life Makeover episode which was amazing! Through teamwork and communication you are able to take on the opposing threat with a broadband connection! Multiplayer was fun; but it had a few glitches. Team Zipper issued out an update that sooned fix all of this! In the end #2! Grand Theft Auto San Andreas! Ahhhh I can smell the sex already. If you listen to Nirvana then you know what I mean! This game was rated high by every major gaming website! Through killing, robbing, hijaking, and straight up fucking up another person you able to survive on the streets of San Andreas. In conclusion, #3!


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