Sunday, August 06, 2006

Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for July 24-30

And not for the other side of the world with Japan who had quite an interesting week. So let's start off with hardware as always: Nintendo DS Lite - 176,853 PSP - 42,604 PS2 - 26,451 X360 - 2,246 Game Boy Advance SP - 2,229 Game Boy Micro - 1,766 Nintendo DS - 1,530 GameCube - 1,039 Xbox - 11 Game Boy Advance - 9 Woah Xbox went from 0 to 11. Seems like Bill Gates decided to buy him 11 more eh. But glad to see it up above the dreaded none. Haha last week probably someone traded an Xbox in meaning that the system actually sold -1 haha. But DS Lite sold it's average but a boost in PSP sales by 2x is big for it. As PS2 stayed the same the X360 had a 2x boost as well as selling more than 200. While everything else stayed the same the PSP, X36, and Xbox both had significant jumps over last week. And on to sales: {system/company/game/sales/total sales} 1. (DS, Bandai) Tamagotchi no Puchi Puchi Omisetchi Gohiikini - 192,458 2. (PS2, Capcom) Sengoku Basara 2 - 135,850 3. (DS, Nintendo) New Super Mario Bros - 114,225 / 2,516,190 4. (DS, Nintendo) Mario Basket 3 on 3- 110,708 5. (PS2, Atlus) Kamaitachi no Yoru 3 - 97,315 6. (DS, Nintendo) Shaberu! Oryouri Nabi - 61,326 / 187,856 7. (DS, Nintendo) More Brain Age - 53,103 / 2,877,641 8. (PSP, Enterbrain) Derby Stallion P - 49,206 9. (DS, Nintendo) Brain Age - 32,419 / 2,616,839 10. (DS, Sega) Mushiking Greatest Champion e no Michi 2 - 31,763 Ah and the new Tamagotch game takes the 1st place with a strong showing in it's first week with almost 200,000. Also the next Sengoku game on the PS2 also makes a strong showing to take 2nd. And then we have our same DS games such as New Super Mario Bros, Brain AGe 1 and 2 and woah what happened to Animal Crossing and English Training. Well it looks like boht were knocked off this week. And poor AC right before it hit 3 million. And also Mario Basket 3 on 3 game had a good 1st week too. Wiht a lone PSP in game it was definetly a DS filled week which took 7 spots. Big week in Japan with more sales than it usually gets. But should go back to normal come next week. Zucas


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X360 Jap sales are still laughable.

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