Friday, August 11, 2006

Atari's DS Lineup Shows New Earthworm Jim Title

And just when we thought Earthworm Jim would soley on the PSP here we go with the DS. Haha we knew that our favorite worm warrior wouldn't miss out on his favorite handheld the Nintendo DS haha. Anyways this was just released as Atari's lineup: Nintendo DS: August 15 2006 - Dig Dug Digging Strike Oct 13 2006 - Asterix and Obelix Mission Wifix Nov 10 2006 - Point Blank Nov 17 2006 - Arthur and the Minimoys Nov 24 2006 - Totally Spies 2 : Undercover TBD - Earthworm Jim Ah and there you have it Atari will be bring Earthworm Jim to the DS when ever they find a release date. Probably Q1 2007 if I had to guess but once again another good game making it's way to the DS. Earthworm Jim says nay to PSP exclusive haha. Zucas


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