Thursday, July 27, 2006

Zoonami Wants to Develop for DS

Zoonami is a Cambridge, England based gaming company started by Martin Hollis, creator of Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark, who is sometimes referred to as the father of FPS. Or maybe only I say that. Anyways after all the Guts N Glory rumors have died down there has been a job listing put up about him wanting to work on a DS project. Zoonami is already supposed to be supporting the PSP but nothing has ever come out. Actually to think about it Zoonami is a 6 year old company and yet nothing has been released in 6 years. But check out the job listing: Zoonami is a small and dynamic independent games developer based in the beautiful town of Cambridge, 50 minutes from London. We are currently looking for a senior programmer with Nintendo DS development experience to join our team in a casual and friendly working environment. We need someone with a thorough knowledge of the DS platform, capabilities and architecture. The position is exceptional as it involves many aspects of programming, including technical and gameplay elements, so you will be expected to have a broad range of experience. Responsibilities: * Design and develop robust code * Maintain, optimise and debug source code * Liaise with the development team to benefit project quality and time * Innovate and improve game features throughout production Requirements: * Good knowledge of C or C++ * DS development experience * Strong analytical, engineering, and organisational abilities * Good written and verbal communication skills * Good time management skills * Ability to work in a diverse and creative team environment * 3 or more years experience in game development So it looks like Zoonami is wanting to expand in the DS world by getting some DS developers on in there. But there is just a lot of things going on with Zoonami. No game for 6 years. What could they possibly doing those 6 years. I mean they have to have some kinda income. And the only way that is possible is if someone is supporting them when money to be creating a project(s). But now that Zoonami is wanting to make a DS game maybe something will be heard of them soon. And unlike I used to think they are not a German based company but actually in Cambridge which is close to London. But I also think these guys have some console projects in the works. And with their pledge a long time ago to be supporting Nintendo's next gen console exclusively it'll be interesting to see what they have in the works right now. More about these guys hopefully at the German Gaming Convention. Zoonami's Website Zucas


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Keep up the good work. thnx!

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Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.

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