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Worldwide Hardware Sales Up to June 30,2006

This is the day where you get to see how the company's efforst have payed off. Who did something big to take leads and how far they are ahead. Now I've got coiol breakdowns so first I'm going to show the Final Sales for all consoles worldwide then break it down by area. But first let's check out where we stand now. Remember all these numbers are shipments in millions but represent company sales's except for Sony's which I'll go over when I get to them: Worldwide Hardware Sales (End of June 2006) PS2 - 106.23 million Xbox - 24.5 million (unofficially estimated) GameCube - 21 million Xbox 360 - 5 million Game Boy Advance - 75.81 million Nintendo DS - 21.27 million PSP - 19.05 million Well Sony has surpassed it's predecessor the PS1 in PS2 shipments so a good day for them I guess. Now I know it says unofficially estimated for the Xbox but that's about where sales are anyways. As you can see GC has reached 21 million with their last gen system. And X360 hit it's numbers like expected at 5 million. And GBA still stays with 75 million. But I think the real story here is the DS and the PSP. DS has just surpassed the PSP again and I think it's there to stay. Really it's probably passed the PSP hundreds of times but the way Sony counts things with shipments makes it seem larger than it should. So now let's breakdown each console's sales by area: GameCube Hardware Japan - 4,010,000 America - 12,270,000 Other - 4,720,000 Total - 21,000,000 Game Boy Advance Hardware Japan - 16,600,000 America - 38,450,000 Other - 20,750,000 Total - 75,810,000 Nintendo DS Hardware Japan - 9,240,000 America - 5,900,000 Other - 6,130,000 Total - 21,270,000 Ah so as you can see GC is really dying down. It's main source of not getting enough sales was due to the lack of popularity in the European and Japanese market. But I think Wii is going to change all of that. The GBA has a healthy mix of where it sales best in the market but it's dying out thx to the DS. As for the DS it's the exact opposite of the GC sales. It's humogously taking off in the Japan area and Europe is extremely into the DS also. While the DS in America is lacking I think a few games coming out later such as Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and LoZ: Phantom Hourglass will really boost sales by a lot everywhere. Xbox 360 Hardware (Through June 30, 2006) North America - 3.3 million Europe - 1.3 million Other - 0.4 million Worldwide - 5 million As I said I don't have Xbox sales cause MS isn't issuing those out anymore. But it's not selling or shipping much anyways as MS has made the full transistion to the X360. American sales are pretty strong with the 360 as they shipped 3.3 million as of then which is right where they wanted it to be. European sales are still quite strong but it's the Asian sales that are killing MS. Japan, China, Korea, and Oceania regions are not buying the 360 and don't think ever are. Except for Australia of couse but whatev. But MS is shooting for 10 million by the end of th eyear. As of now they're only shipping around 1.5-1.8 million a quarter so they really need to kick it into gear to hit that number. PS2 Hardware Japan - 23,550,000 America - 42,970,000 Europe - 39,710,000 Total - 106,230,000 PSP Hardware Japan - 5,130,000 America - 7,570,000 Europe - 6,350,000 Total - 19,050,000 Ah ok before we jump in there is always something to take a note on when discussing Sony shipments. I've heard this from all the people I get my shipments from that they do something they probably shouldn't. Shipments are supposed to be how many a retail buys and is shipped to them in that month. Basically how many the company got out of their warehouses. Well Sony doesn't differently. They count ones in their warehouses too. Don't believe me then IM me and I'll compare you to sales and shipments and show you how ludacrisly over it is. No company should have 4-6 million consoles over in their shipments. With that said let's go into their numbers. As you can see the PS2 is just apsolutely owning the Japanese, European, and American markets. Really has a healthy lot when concerning the market in all 3 areas all though the American numbers should probably be a little higher. As for the PSP it is selling like the market says it too. It's shipping more to America, then Europe, the Japan. But as you can see not enough to stop the DS. Well just to discuss one last thing the PSP and DS war has definetly been a big one. But looking over this you can tell that Japan has been the deciding factor with DS having a 4 million advantage. While it's slightly behind in both the American and European markest you'll see very soon how the PSP will start to lose that with the release of the DS Lite and big games and lots of them coming to the DS. All and all I think DS is there to say and I don't see it dying down soon. I mean nobody hears about how the PSP is giving up a close fight with the DS. All you hear is about how big the DS and the Lite is and how it's got all these games. The press for the DS over the PSP is huge and that is really helping it everwhere. Zucas


Blogger gg said...

Can you post the PS2 sales divided into exactly how many got shipped/sold to retailers and exactly how many are sitting in warehouses unsold/unshipped??

I'd like to see the difference.

7/27/2006 12:17:00 PM  
Blogger Zucas said...

Hmm I can't necessarily do that exactly. I mean I could do it with Japan and American sales. But Japan would have to stop at March 30,2006 for sales reasons. And America I could do it up to now but this would be a lot of work. Let me see what I can do and I'll get back to ya.

7/27/2006 12:38:00 PM  
Blogger Zucas said...

Ok I can't find for Japan exact dates but I'll show you the closest I can get.

First of all here is PS2 Sales in Japan up to June 11:

19,365,696 million sold

Now that's sales. Now as of June 30, 2006 here is shipments for the PS2 in Japan:


And I know someone's going to come in an argue that in 19 days the PS2 sold 4 million in Japan but that didn't happen. So that's 4 million PS2's off of how many shipped. So you have to ask yourself. Do you really believe that there are 4 million PS2's just lying around in Japanese stores. NO I can confirm there isn't.

This is becasue Sony counts their consoles sitting in warehouses as shipments. So knock a 4 million off that worldwide total haha. I could go try and do America but that will take a long time. But I'll see what I can do.

7/27/2006 12:48:00 PM  
Blogger gg said...

The only reason I can possibly think why sony does this is perhaps the warehouse might be another division of sony, so sony sells their consoles to this "separate" division, and then the division sells to retailers.

It doesn't make sense at all, but other than sony just loving to straight out lie about everything, i cant think of any other reason.

I mean, why would sony even bother to lie to boost their sales figures by 4 million when they have such a clear market share anyway.

Lying doesnt make sense either. Maybe it's for like tax purposes - creating a separate warehouse division, so that they can gain 4 million extra units worth of tax concessions or whatever.

No idea.

7/27/2006 01:02:00 PM  
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