Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wiire Gets Inside Scoop on Grasshopper's Exclusive Wii Title, Heroes

Over at The Wiire Grasshopper Inc has sent them the E3 trailer that was only shown to select people. But now they have got it. This is a game made by Suda 51 from Grasshopper alon with Marvelous Interactive. The game is a Wii exclusive called Heroes. Not much was really known about this game but here is the 1st large emergence of details. Now I'll respect The Wiire's wishes and not post the trailer directly on here but will give you the website to download it from. Just go to the update and click Direct and it'll download for you. Do that here: But after watching this video it was just something so weird and different. It was something brutal, intense, yet with such a layback feel to it like it was nothing. The video has a Cel Shaded kinda graphics very similar to those of Killer 7 but makes sense since same dude making it. It also has a very similar feel to that game in many ways. But the Cel Shaded is a lot more detailed into physics, destructable enviroments, people, ect. It’s although in a dark place but just simply gorgeous.

It starts off with this dude above, Helter Skelter, walking down the street when he starts to run and kicks this guy in a red coat and hits him into a bar, pulls out 2 guns and shoots him with many bullets. But right when he thinks the dude is dead the dude gets right back on up. Helter pulls out 2 rocker launchers that are on his hands and blasts him away again. But still he just gets right back on up. Finally he takes his coat off and we learn his name is Travis Touchdown.

Soon they start to battle until Travis ends up cutting Helter’s head off. After that a woman walks up and checks to see if Helter’s dead. I mean he got his head decapitated but seeing this video there is a lot of chances that this dude may not be dead simply cause he was named. The woman’s name is Slyvia Christel and she obviously hired Travis to kill Helter. She then goes on telling you that you are now the 11th best hitman. Finally it cuts into probably what the storyline will be is trying to be the top killer and kill the other 10 to do that. But I have a strong feeling Helter will return.

Well I’ve heard a lot of rumors about this game before it even got a name or before this video released. But the only one that realy ever caught my eye was one of them and now it’s starting to unravel. That one was Ichi the Killer. One insider had said that the game from Grasshopper was going to be a prequel to the hit movie Ichi the Killer. Ichi the Killer was a sick disgustion yet very big hit over in Japan. And after watching this video this could possibly be the prequel to that movie which would say a lot more than I need to say. Overall looks like this will be a good start for Grasshopper on the Wii yet I hope they explain how the controller will work with this game. Trailer was pretty graphically beautiful for cel-shaded graphics. I for one have never been a big fan of cel-shaded graphics but as long as the game is good it’s ok with me lik with Wind Waker. More on this game is suppose to arise November/December timeframe. And the actual game is planned to release in Summer 2007 for Japan and America as a Wii-exclusive.



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