Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Trauma Center: Second Opinion UPDATE

Earlier today I posted a rumor supposedly for Trauma Center concering a few game details and progress. Well IGN today confirmed that to be true as they got new details on the game. He goes over to say the same scenario as the 1st game as they say it's a remake of the 1st game but with so much more than the 1st one game. It has more characters, more scenarios, and remade just for the Wii. There will also be new kinds of surgeries such as broken bones and heart transplants. Also there will be new character designs to make the characters look more adult like to give this a more of adult feel to it. And also they proclaim that the surgery will be more like an action game in a lot of ways. For more details on the game go to the below site: It seems that the game is turning out to be quite good. Although a sequel to the game would have been nice I'm very excited to see the DS version make it's way to the Wii. And the updates from the DS to Wii version look like the game is going to be quite good and be a great diversity in the Wii launch line up which is looking really good right now. The Wii launch titles to me may be one of the best in years. Let's hope this stays a launch title and hope to see the final version of the game at a later event. Zucas


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