Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Trauma Center: Second Opinion Status Rumor

Over at gonintendo they came across some news on Trauma Center about it's status of the game. He says he can't confirm the info as being real but he did post what the "rumor" was. Here's what Rawmeat said: According to this rumor, Atlus has confirmed that they are at about a 40% complete version of Trauma Center: Second Opinion. They expect the game to be finished towards the end of 2006, but do not know if they will make it in time for the Wii launch. Also, it appears that Second Opinion will be a retelling of the first game from the DS. This version will have branching storylines, new characters, and will not end in the same spot that the DS version did. Atlus apparently said that the Wii version will have so much new content in it, that even those extremely familiar with the DS version will want to pick up Second Opinion. Hmm so a remake of the DS game but with a hell of a lot more content. Makes sense concerning the name with the whole second opinion on the 1st one. But I sure do hope it makes launch. Would be a great launch title to give a large diversity to the Wii game. Let's hope these are all true. Zucas


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