Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tony Hawk Project 8

Tony Hawk Project 8 is starting to rise up and more is being known about it. Thx to IGN they give us a big preview on the game and you can find all that here: Very interesting. But I've never liked how American Wasteland was just one big city. So I'm kinda sad that they are doing that again. I liked going through all the parts of the world skating in different areas. But more along the lines just seems like it'll be like most of the other Tony Hawk games but that's all we really want in Tony Hawk games. The same game with minor touches to it everytime cause personally to me I like how they did it first. They did just a great job with the series and hope this does good too. But still a little dissappointed that they are getting rid of the major story aspects cause I liked the storyline base one. But this is about you are the #200 skater and you need to get to #8 to win the game. And to do this you have to do all sorts of things such as just even regular skating to get your rank up. But when you get 8 you do win but you can still try to go for #1 spot. But the worst thing about all of this is they are taking the seperate mode out called classic haha. I really like that mode but they say it'll most be incorporated into the main missions. Not to many tweaks to the gameplay except a few new moves. But to get your stats up previously it was either stat cards you got in the game or do tricks to raise them. Well in this one it goes sorta of like an experience kinda thing like in an RPG. So that's a good improvement. Overally the game seems like it will be sucessful like the series always was. Although I'm a little dissappointed to see a few things go I'm still quite happy to see they are going back to some the old classic roots of the first 3 games. Seems like it could be quite a promising game. As for the 1st gameplay video check this one out: This game will be hitting shelves later this year for the PS2, Xbox, X360, and PS3. Zucas


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