Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Taiwan Insider Claims Pricedrop Or Bundle

Microsoft has repeated on several occasions that a pricedrop would not be necessary in 2006, and that their console was in the sweet spot, offering amazing HD graphics, lots of power, Xbox Live, and a great selection on available and upcoming games. More rumors from a Taiwan manufacturer have stated otherwise. The rumors include that Microsoft will drop the Xbox 360 price to $299, making it less than half the price of Sony's upcoming PS3. They also say that an HD-DVD bundle will be sold for the bargain basement price of $399. There are certain indications that this rumor might come true, because of the decreasing price and increasing demand of Xbox 360s which will lower the cost. The $399 pack with PGR3, 3 months of Live, and 1250 marketplace points would also make sense. One thing is for sure, if the 360 Premium drops to $299 this holiday season, Microsoft will sell alot more Xbox 360s. Now for the complaints.


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