Monday, July 24, 2006

Sensory Sweep Jumps on the Revolution Bandwagon

Obviously Sensory Sweep wants a revolution as bad as we do and has posted job listings for an action titles for the Wii on their site. Check out what was said: Sensory Sweep Studios is looking for qualified Junior and Senior game designers to assist in the areas of level and character design for a hot new Nintendo Wii action title. Qualifications - Applicant must possess demonstrable writing skills, both technical and creative - Exceptional verbal skills (both comprehension and presentation) - A solid grasp of Microsoft office - Highly creative - Basic drawing or visual communication skills - Must be able to work within tight schedules in order to meet deadlines - Applicant must have a deep knowledge and love of video games Additional SkillsExtra consideration will be given to those with the following additional skills or qualifications: - Bachelor’s Degree in English/Creative Writing, Art, or Multimedia Production - Programming and/or scripting skills - Knowledge of art applications including, Adobe Photoshop, Pro Motion, Corel Painter, Maya, and Macromedia Flash - Knowledge of major 3D art packages - Storyboard skills - Prior shipped Next-Gen game titles So nothing that big but obviously they are looking to make an action game for the Wii. And all that other stuff is just people they need. NOt really giving much info away. This would be Sensory Sweep's 1st jump into the consoles as they are more well known for their DS and GBA titles. But glad to see they are jumping aboard and hope we'll see more of their game soon. Sensory Sweep Website Zucas


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