Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sadness Finally Gets a Publisher

The new up and rising Polish Developers, Nibris, have finally scored a publisher for their second game they are making, Sadness. They have already found a publisher for their first game, Raid Over the River, which is expected to hit the Wii and the DS in 2007. But now their really big project Sadness finally has one too. And to go along with this news he also had something very bold to say. “For everyone who [doesn’t believe] about Sadness - yes we are small team but we give this project many months of work and our hearts - now we have publisher - which one? I think that our publisher will give big press info about this - we have NDA so I can't tell you before publisher statement.” Somre really bold statements. But look at how he sorta of describes the publishere. Will give them big press info and he can't tell before a publisher statement. Now I've heard many rumors that the publisher going to be behind Nibris's Sadness was going to be Nintendo and they'd show the game off come Spaceworld 2006. Could it be possible Nintendo picked these guys up. Nibris has said how Nintendo has taken an intrest in their products. But enormously glad that this game has a publisher. Sadness is a psychotic horror game that will be in all black and white. It will be focused mainly scaring the shit out of ya and also they boast using the Wii as many objects rather it be picking up a piece of glass and slitting someone's throat. But this game has always sounded great and is scheduled to also release sometime in 2007. Source Zucas


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