Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Richmond Times Writer Speaks About New Systems

A writer, Doug Elfman, has wrote an article for Richmond Times concerning the New Systems on the Way. He talks about what you should think about getting and how you should do it on a good budget. Here is a few things he had to say: MIt's getting closer to the witching hour. Sony's PlayStation 3 comes out near the end of the year. And guess what? That's right, it's so expensive at $600 that if you really want to reserve your PS 3, you better start saving up your money right about now. Of course, Nintendo is also coming out with its new game system, the Wii (pronounced "we"), in late 2006 for a paltry $250. To tell the truth, I'm looking forward to the Wii more than the PS 3. Why Wii? Because it has built-in interactivity. It comes with a remote-control wand that will read your physical motions. If you're playing some baseball games, for instance, you'll be able to swing the wand, and the game will read your swing. He goes on saying good things about the Xbox and X360 and the DS and Wii. But that is the good press for them lately. But he's not much recommending a PS3 too much. He says if you are looking for a PS3 that you better start saving up quick cause it's going to cost you a lot. Instead he more proclaims that if your a PS2 fan and your looking to upgrade an Xbox is better for you going in at $130. Or better yet a Wii. He also states he likes the Wii more than the PS3 due to the wiimote. And yes he's apsolutely right that the Wii is meant for the young and old gamers. And even more right that the Wii has been getting nothing but positive press lately. But he also states that if you have a PS2 or an Xbox don't go for the PS3 if you are looking for a high end system but more along the lines of a 360. It's just a good choice. So it looks like he has a very good look at things. He doesn't see to many good things about the PS3 just because of the price and we all know that is the biggest factor concerning it. With the Wii and 360 over here proposing a price of their 2 consoles equal to the PS3 it's hard to turn that offer down. I mean 2 is better than 1 no matter which way you are looking at it. Sony in my opinion is going to have a rough time starting off just cause of that one all important thing, MONEY. Richmond Times New Systems Article Zucas


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