Thursday, July 27, 2006

Red Steel Press Release

Ubisoft bears all today about their upcoming Wii launch game Red Steel. They give an ultimate preveiw on everything concerning the storyline, the characters, and events occuring in the game. It's a must read by anyone that wants this game which I have a feeling most people want to pick up with their Wii this Q4 2006. Anyways it's really long so I'll post the 1st parts then you go to link to read the rest of it: How do you discover the Japanese mafia in Red Steel? To save his fiancée caught in the middle of a war between two generations of Yakuzas, ancestral and modern Yakuzas, the player will have to fly to Japan and fight his way through the Tokyo Mafia. During his journey he will come face to face with their codes, have to learn Asiatic fighting techniques and understand their ethics. Is it a game about the Japanese mafia? The setting of the game is Japan. But the goal is not to make a realistic Japanese game. This will be perfectly done by Japanese people. As we were an occidental team, the goal was more to work on the occidental perception of Japan, the Japanese clichés, and how a "gaijin" (meaning stranger in Japanese) is immersed in a new Japanese universe and must adapt himself to the "local rules." This will bring more fun as we are not Japan experts, anyway. We want to put the player in the same situation as the character, asking him, "why is this happening to me?" and having to learn skills and rules
A very good read indeed. I get more pschyed over this game everyday. The depth of this game seems to be getting larger and larger everyday and more that just an FPS that uses the amazing wiimote. Obviously this is going to be a big game. But did anyone notice that once again Multiplayer is being avoided by Red Steel even though we know it will have online play. Why so much secrecy with the Wii online by even the 3rd party. What is it about Wii's online that Nintendo and devs don't want us to know til a certain date. Guess we'll learn soon enough.


Blogger irishwretler said...

i'm really looking forward to this game i'm so glad it's a wii exclusive and i hope this continues with more wii excluisves from other companies as well

7/27/2006 11:55:00 PM  
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