Thursday, July 20, 2006

Red Steel Interview Revives Wii Online

As many have noticed Nintendo has yet to divulge in on their online which is quite surprising as online is going to be a big thing for the next generation. And along with that many have noticed that developers have yet to put up or even state that they do have online plans for a system. People are going as far as saying that Nintendo hasn’t even shown devs their online plans and that online may not be available at launch. But worries are over cause the creators of Red Steel have the answer. In an interview done with Nintendo of Europe they had this to say about online for Red Steel which they confirmed today: “Nintendo did not announce its projects as regards play on line, you will know some more very soon.” Basically stating cause Nintendo hasn’t announced their online plans and projects that will incorporate that online all developers have NDA’s also not to release it. Very interesting indeed. That would explain why many devs like Ubisoft have yet to announce Wii online plans for their game but this about confirms that developers do know what they are and are incorporating them but can’t release them til a later date. Very very interesting. So why would they do that. People throw off Nintendo online as being the same as DS online but if it were DS online why all the hiding and keeping secret as far enough to tell devs you can’t speak about it till a later date. There is something up with Wii online that many will be very surprised about. Makes you wonder everyday what it could be. Hope we learn more at Spaceworld 2006 which I believe will be the big event where they drop the bomb. But this makes me extremely happy to know that Nintendo is trying to do a good job with online and that they are sharing it with developers. But the keeping it secret thing really hypes me up to wonder what they hell are they keeping from us. So many questions and hope they answer them soon. UPDATE: For the entire interview click here: That explains some extra stuff like as of now they are working on fixing controls, working on more on the single player and enhancing the multiplayer, and for our tech believers on the Wii improving graphics. Possibly the final Wii dev kits have some more kick to them. Zucas


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