Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Publishers "Caugh Off Guard" By Wii

A very respected analsyst hand an interesting thing to say about the Wii and developer support. He went on to say things like this: The publishers “were caught off guard” by the buzz around the Wii, says James Lin, a longtime industry analyst and a consultant with Simba Group. “They weren’t expecting anything.” “No one’s going to make money on the software except Ubisoft,” says one hedge fund manager. “Everyone got caught flat-footed.” Basically stating that developers didn't have much thought of the Wii but after E3 it's like woah why were we so stupid and not developing for this. This would explain a lot of games announced for PS3 and X360 but not Wii. But this suggests that possibly a lot more companies are jumping on the Wii bandwagon maybe for something they saw behind doors at E3 or possibly other things that took them by surprise after E3. Just continuously brings up the question what are they hiding from us. Source Zucas


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