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Paradise Exclusive: Game Informer Unveils Kane and Lynch

For the first time out on a site I have go the in depth detail bomb from Eidos' original new game Kane and Lynch. For all of those that don't have Game Informer I've got the pics and the details for this game and for the 1st time they'll be off the magazine.

This game as described is nothing short of incredible. The premise of the game is that your a guy named Kane. He is being delivered by a bus to go to his execution so he has come to the fact that he knows he is going to die know matter what happens. As he is thinking about how nothing could get worse than this he hears a voice that says "Get down, Now!". And when he thought hell was already upon him hell burned brighter than ever. A oncoming semi truck rams the bus. After the collision gunfire and explosions are going off everywhere while Kane is helped up by a deranged pschyopath and other prisoner, Lynch. But after seeing Lynch's eyes he new this wasn't a rescue mission but more along the lines of a kidnapping.

Most games have never really exploited the entire use of actually relying on another player or AI to really complete a game. Usually it's you control the game and what you does decides if you win it or not. But IO Interactive and Eidos have changed that and made co-op bigger than just an abbreviation. IN this game controlling and working with Lynch is the biggest part of the game. This isn't just some gung ho game where you walk out and shoot everyone and able to win but rather you need help from Lynch and your allies.

The backstories of the characters are deeper than most games have ever used. Lynch has a sad history. Before going to jail he lived in Detroit where he started to experience mysterious blackouts. When they started to become overbearing he started taking medication for them which now is the only thing that keeps him sane at times. But now the medication can hardly help him as one day he walks home to find his wife murdered which just sends him over the deep end. And now the pills are the only thing that keeps him from being a rampaging animal.

While Kane on the other side is the one's background that gets these 2 in the mess they are in. Kane's immense brutality soon earned him as a job as a mercenary for an orginization called The Seven. But Kane soon screwed up a heist by betrayikng his employers and taking all the loot. So while he was on that bus The Seven were seeking revenge and rammed into the bus to find him. And they want him to pay for what he did but not before they get there money back. So The Seven offers the 2 men a deal: The have 2 weeks to find and return the loot. For Kane this will save his wife and daughter from death but not himself as no matter what he does he'll die. For Lynch they offer Kane's spot in The Seven. And so sets the story. But both are out to get new things. As the game direct Jens-Peter-Kurup says,"Two guys who are very different with the same task, but seperate objectives. Kane's a proffesional and Lynch is a thug. Kane stays cool, Lynch is losing it. They're trying to fix their lives and they're really doing a very bad job of it."

Unlike the Hitman series Kurup says that these characters are much more believeable than Agent 47. These guys are real people with real background who have real feelings. But they say the focus on anti-heroic personalities is where the similarities betwen Hitman and Kane and Lynch occur. But the style and play of the game will come in many ways like how Freedom Fighters played. The director feels that it was very good and intuitive.

But other than Lynch having to be taken care of by Kane he will also have various allies throughout the game that he'll have to lead and give orders to get past areas. The direction doesn't wish to call it a squad cause in no way they are soldiers but just a bunch of mercenaries acting as one. You are allowed to give orders to them such as move, attack, or to mimic what Kane does. They give an instance in one level in a Tokyo office and once you break through a window a bunch of enemies will swarm you. You have no time to think and position your crew so you have to give quick orders to posistion correctly and get them to help clear out the enemis.

Also weapon switching will be different than most games. You have a limited amound of weapons you can carry and you can't pick up weapons on the field. The weapons you and your team start off with are all you got. But you are allowed to trade weapons with your teammates. As they put up as an example if you need a sniper rifle now but not later after you can trade off with your ally and hope he survives in the close gunfight. But if he doesn't you know longer have one.

Although the game is all about cooperation between Lynch and Kane through the storyline you'll notice that these 2 just don't like working with each other. Thing such as everytime Lynch gets a chance to kill it continues to send him even more and more over the line which further divulges cooperation as he is starting to become an animal. And even harder to control is sometimes instead of just shooting people with his shotgund, Lynch instead will try to take everyone out with his bare hands in a blare of rage. He may sometimes even ruin times when you are trying to sneak around to be unavoided and he'll just go out and take out a sentry and alert all of security. This divulges more and more they don't like working together and Lynch is an insane bomb ready to explode. Also he will usually not want to give up his shotgun so going to have to forget about that one.

But still because the game is hugely focused on the partnership of these 2 they whave fully integrated a splitscreen co-op for 2 players. Although Lynch is stronger and slower than Kane the game pretty much feels the same from both sides. But you still have to work together as a team to get through everything. They say it won't be like Halo where one goes up there and takes everyone out while waiting for the other one to catch up and go to the next area. But it takes team efforts always. Otherwise it will fail. IO has stated that co-op is receiving extremely special care. Not as much as single player of course but they dont' just want to make as a 2 player single player. They won't to give it something different for 2 players rather than 1. Also in co-op you'll still have your allies. But both players are able to control half of the allies. But sometimes you can give more to one partner than the other if so necessary. But they state the AI in this game are not stupid. Depending on them and their style they are quite smart. Picture as a real mercenary.

Although most of the game is centered around giving orders to allies to complete missions there are also missions where just the 2 take care of it. Such as one level in the Nightclub. There intention is to kidnapp the propreitor, Yoko. And to do this you have to use stealth by hiding behind big crowds and kidnapping her to get her upstairs. After you get her upstairs we learn Lynch has run out of pills in a blind rage hits and knocks out Yoko. Now they have to find a way to sneak out with an unconcious body which ends up failing into a dissastorus shootout.

The game is stated to have about 12 hours of gameplay length but with an extensive multiplayer. It is supposed to have 8 players online and which have been touted by the crew as unlike anything ever attempted before. When the game is released it will support 4 maps and more will be downloadable through PC and Xlive marketplace.

The game has thus far been scheduled for a Spring 2007 release on the PC and X360. Although when talking about online downloads it mentioned how you may download maps through Sony's online service which doesn't discredit the PS3 of getting this game. As an Eidos represenative said," It's for the 360 and PC for sure, with more to follow." This rules in possibly a PS3 and Wii chance of getting the game also.

This game sounds nothing short of incredible to me. Somthing that hasn't been done before and really divulging into team gameplay. I really look forward to seeing this game on the consoles and see what it can do. It's nice to see some good originality and especially with the characters. Most games you can't see the characters as being real people but in this game it shows real people with real lives. That's what I like. Plus really curious about the multiplayer. Can't wait for this one. And you know you saw it first here on A Gamer's Paradise. Thank you GI for this wonderful preview for this game.



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This makes me happy.

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