Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nvidia Talks About Wii

Well just when you think everyone has said their peace about Wii Nvidia joins the party and says exactly what everyone else says. I don't think the Wii has a Hater out there haha. Check what good stuff they had to say: “Nintendo’s perspective has always been different. The platforms that are being built now are not just game consoles. You use it for all kinds of other kinds of applications. In the case of Nintendo, they wanted to build a game console. They built a wonderful game device. Their focus is games and enjoyment. They will be myopically focused on that. I think that is terrific. Their perspective is different from the other two.” Ah some more good words from teh competing maker of the hardware. I don't think Nintendo will ever get anymore hate. Just a lot of respect out there for them doing something different. I mean it really is about tiem someone in the industry takes a risk by doing something original. I have a strong feeling this will workout for NIntendo and really pay off like it never could before. The bigger the risk the bigger the reward and Nintendo is about due for their reward. Zucas


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