Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nintendo To Hold It's Own Event?

Over at Nintendo Now they go ta chance to be able to go to Comic-Con. They were able to talk to as many people as possible but when talking to an unnamed dude he had a lot of interesting things to say. Here is how Nintendo Now describes the conversation: This source inside the convention informed us that there is a strong possibility that some new annoucements about the Wii will be made at the Leipzig Game Convention, which runs from August 24-27. We were also told definitively that Nintendo will hold its own show to demonstrate the Wii, which will likely be the console's final display before the launch. He did not give any details on kiosks--this does not mean there will not be any, he just did not know. When asked about the Tokyo Game Show, our source said that Nintendo will likely not surprise anyone with a sudden appearance on the showfloor, but he was not certain whether or not further announcements were planned for the show. He did say, however, that new information was more likely to come at Leipzig. Our source indicated that his information was not definite, but his details fit Nintendo's vague comments regarding the next announcements of information. We have heard that final details about Wii will be learned by or during the month of September. Also floating around is the rumored October release date, and many sources have indicated Nintendo is going for sooner rather than later in order to beat Sony to the punch. Therefore, one can speculate that Nintendo might choose to announce details at Leipzig, make a final showing of the console sometime in September and possibly have kiosks in the shops for the months of September and/or October leading up to the rumored launch date. Ah so Nintendo will be revealing new stuff at the German Gaming Convention in Leipzig. Nothing new there. We all new they would be doing something big there. But an event of their own. Hmm sound familiar. Ever heard of Spaceworld. Could be the only event that fits this detail and obviously what he's talking about. And finally even a showing at TGS wouldn't be surprising. They are know for last minute things. But all very interesting. I know they'll be at the German Gaming Convention but I still know that they'll hold Spaceworld 2006. It's the only event available that can support all the necessary stuff that Nintendo needs to reveal. Looks like we'll have an extremely big August and September to be covering info for the consoles. Be a real hot time for news. Can't wait. More on this soon: Nintendo Now Zucas


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