Saturday, July 22, 2006

Next Generation Star Wars

Star Wars is definetly going to make it's jump just like all other series. And for the first time we got footage of the upcoming next gen Star Wars game that is untitled and not announced for any platform. But there is one video that has arisen for it. Check it out:

Pretty neat video. Graphics are quite stunning and yea for destructable enviroments. But it looks to me maybe like Jedi Knight 3 and if it is that would kickass. It's main focus seems to be the jedi with lightsaber and force powers. Looks very intriguing. Personally I hope this is a Wii game cause from watching the video it looks like the video was almost designed for the Wii with the force powers and lightsaber. But we'll find out in due time.

Direct Link

UPDATE: It seems that the video is the same one that was shown behind doors at E3. Cause the one shown behind doors at E3 was said to be showing off the force powers. Using them to sling and pick up stormtroopers along with other objects. This game that was shown at E3 thus far has been announced for the PS3 and X360 but not the Wii. It's not excluding the Wii. Never said there wasn't a possibility but just hasn't been announced. I wouldn't be surprised to see this game come to the Wii. I mean it looks like it's made perfectly for the Wii anyways. Well hopefully more on this game soon.



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Haha that is my first HTML. Makes me feel so good. Haha I'm getting a hang of that.

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OMFG this makes me mad when i post something like this way befoer anybody of you guys u guys ignore it but when its under the paradise brand everybody notices it

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