Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Wii Games to Be Shown at German Gaming Convention

It seems that reports have been stating that Nintendo still has games left to reveal. Although many have thought that most was shown at E3 it seems that there are still quite a few left underwraps and some if not most will be shown at the German Gaming Convention in Leipzig: http://gonintendo.com/?p=3782 Makes you wonder what they'll show. But more of a wonder is why have they held off showing these games till this event. I mean why not show it at the biggest gaming event in the world. Maybe there is reasoning to this. But this is the biggest European Gaming Convention so glad to see that Nintendo is finally reaching out to their European friends who have seen the DS as an extremely big hit. Nintendo for the first time in a long time may actually see some good European support. More on Gemran Gaming Convention for Leipzig, Germany when it comes. Zucas


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