Saturday, July 22, 2006

New Wii and Metroid Prime 3: Corrupition Details

Gonintendo has found something in a magazine called Hardcore Gamer Magazine. Yea I've never heard of it either. But this caught one of the reader'eye when they saw the cover on it and showed it to gonintendo. What the magazine has in it is an 8 page review of the Wii and an exclusive interveiw with Retro Studios that reveals new info about Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and a small detail about the Wii. Check out the new details thanks to gonintendo: “Demo was impressive, intense, and once we became used to the mechanics, a blast to play” “New Corruption mechanic having to do with ‘phasons'" “Implimenting a ‘Weapon stacking’ system similar to that in ‘Super metroid’, you will be able to ’stack’ beams on top of each other in a way that you will continue to have the same power as the previous beam, but the new beam will be will be added on top” “Context sensitive events like in RE4″ “No (or very little) scanning, more focus on interaction with motion controls” (this art is sort of vague)“Can’t discuss plans for speaker at this time” “No multiplayer freatures planned, but very excited about Wiiconnect possibilities” “New costumes for samus (not functional but just for looks)” “Set ‘a few months’ after the events of Prime 2″ “No hunters from ds version in the game but ‘plenty of new hunters’ in prime 3″ “Graphics have been updated since E3, more memory has been added ‘a very noticable improvment in the quaitys of the visuals” Woah some great info for all Metroid fans. And the context sensitive events like in RE4 sounds great. Anything from RE4 brought into another game is always good news. And finally I hated scanning in the first 2 so glad to know not as much of that going on. But what could they be doing with the speaker that must be kept secret. Very mysterious. Oh I hope they change their minds for multiplayer but glad to see they want to use WiiConnect24. And new costumes are always great. Glad to see they finally got the time of the storyline. I thought it would be a few years but 2 months could tie it in a lot more neater. And new hunters is awesome. Wonder what there part in the story will be. Now for the final statement is for the Wii. The first part is talking about Metroid Prime 3. Glad to see it has a graphical improvement. The second part is talking about the Wii. Yea that was one thing devs were complaining about is not enough memory but a lot more memory as stated is a big plus. But the last one is the most interesting. A very noticable improvement in the visuals. Once again for the ten billionth time could it be possible that the Wii has a bigger kick to it and can support good graphics like the others. I guess we'll find out but with all these devs saying that they made humongous improvments in visuals since E3 leads me to believe that the final dev kits will give us a surprise on to what is really going on. But just all around good news. Thankyou Gonintendo and Hardcore Gamer Magazine. Zucas


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