Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Sadness Info

Well a lot of Sadness stuff has ariven lately from the IGN exclusive details to the recent interview. But to top that all off another site has gotten some info on 2 of the enemies: the wearwolves and the Likho. check out their description:

Werewolves Appearance: Usually born as normal people; until full adolescence there are no differences between them and children fortunate enough to be born humans. Only at certain age, at full moon, they gain their dangerous identity. They still move on two legs but look like a cross-breed of a human and a wolf. The whole body is covered with wolf’s hair, the head changes into wolf’s face, instead of arms they have paws with claws. The next day they return to their human identity not remembering anything from the night’s events; during the transformation they lose human consciousness and behave like hungry wolves. It can be explained by the fact hat a sudden increase in body build demands large amounts of food, and the werewolf, according to its instinct, tears apart into pieces everything which can serve as a source of proteins. All werewolves stem from an ancient tribe of Neur, which were already described by a Roman chronicler Herodot. This tribe used to change into wolves every day but it happened more rarely once they started to mix with other tribes and people. Behaviour These monsters behave similarly to hungry wolves. They attack suddenly and their sole purpose is finding food, therefore they attack not only people but also animals. When they have no choice they just attack the closest victim. Usually, however, they come back to their homes and stat with their families. The next day, such person can even look for alleged murderers of their parents, and when a werewolf gets to know the truth it usually commits a suicide. Level of danger One should not forget that werewolves are not monsters just by a mere affection for evil. Simply a sudden body build makes them need a lot of food. They want nothing but satisfy their hunger. The danger of meeting a hungry wolf is obvious. A werewolf is just more dangerous because it is bigger and more hungry. Defeating tactics A recognised means of defeating a werewolf is a silver ball; just as vampires are afraid of Bible verses and garlic. Moreover, one do not have to cut off a head of a killed werewolf because they do not have the power of revival.

Likho, liho (Russian: Лихо, Belarusian: лі́ха, Polish: licho) is an embodiment of evil fate and misfortune in Slavic mythology, a creature with one eye, usually depicted as an old person. Ah don't you just love those pics of the 2 monsters. Sadness is really starting to turn out into a AAA psychological horror game. I'm extremely pschyed about this game and can't wait to see the 1st gameplay videos of it. Let's hope they'll keep letting out more info concerning info and characters and storyline. I like the werewolf description. Seems like they'll be a big part of this game. I'm just so curious to see what is going on with this game. It's extremely mysterious to me about basically what it's going to be about. More on Sadness soon. Zucas


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like there is nothing in the bible passage that talks about werewolves or vampires just sayin

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