Monday, July 24, 2006

More Wii Rumors From Supposed Nsider

If the Wii hasn't been getting enough rumors as it is another so called "Nsider" has got the nside scoop. Now he has posted some pretty farfetched stuff and some stuff that could be quite possible. Check it out: The full scope of the Wii controller hasn’t been revealed. Nintendo should show that movement in 3D space is capable outside the TV screen, and it’s not 3D projection related. The first controller to show the full scope of the Wii controller is said to be Dragonball Z. The official launch date has still not been decided, but Nintendo aims to launch the Wii before the PS3. Wii controller can function as we have currently seen it without the sensor bar. Apparently it had no use at E3 2006. Its capabilities haven’t been shown to the public yet. Nintendo apparently spent a lot of money having IBM and ATI develop many iterations of Broadway and Hollywood that range from 3.4GHz-730MHz Broadway CPUs, and 1.2GHz-553MHz custom ATI/Nintendo Hollywood GPU. The architecture of Hollywood is about eliminating bottlenecks and maximising performance of the CPU with a slight downgrade of the graphics processor. However, it was also indicated that since Hollywood is a truly extreme “Flipper II” and Broadway is a massively upgraded “Gekko II” at least in architecture. The initial estimates with final hardware spec was Broadway at around 1.5GHz and Hollywood at 555MHz. Nintendo has big plans for the Wii headset. Nintendo want to go beyond having the headset exclusively for online capability. Nintendo want there to have a “gyroscopic headset” that could sense movement to be translated into the game, with a unique look and lightweight design. Nintendo ON anyone? Developer Nibris (Raid Over the River, Sadness) has received Wii development kits and has partnered with publisher Majesco. Now I’m trying to wonder what they mean by full scope of the Wii controller. What else is left to complete it if it’s not 3d projections. Possible augmented reality? How DBZ will use the full scope of the wii controller is interesting but if it’s augmented reality then when shootin gthe kamehameha wave you’ll actually see the wave shoot from your controller. How that will transmit on screen is weird. And I think we all know that the Wii will launch in front of the PS3 so nothing new there. How it will go without the sensor bar seems really farfetched and really don’t know what to say for that. As for the different iterations of power I can definetly see that happening but what the final one will be between that. I mean it's definetly quite possible cause you hear from so many different people that it's weak or it's powerful or whatev. But I think the final version will be somewhere between there but also know that everyone will be surprised at what the final specs are. And it’s been rumored many times that the GPU will be quite powerful and will take a load off the CPU. So nothing new there. Also we all know they will be extensions so once again nothing new. As for the initial estimates of 1.5ghz and 555mhz I don’t know what to think of that. When they mean initial that’s what they were shooting for from the beginning of the console. What they are looking at now after all the different iterations will be very cool to see what. As for the headset possibly being the Nintendo ON visor I could easily see that happen. I just wonder if the Brain will come with all of it. We’ll find out later on. And we already know that Nibris has found a publisher for both games. As for that being Majesco I have no clue. Those would have been the guys I would have last thought of but always a possibility. Now some of these rumors could be very credible. I mean some of them could be quite possible especially the tech ones. But as for the sensor bar one and the Nibris one I really don’t know about those. We’ll just have to wait to see which ones come true. Zucas


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