Friday, July 21, 2006

Miyamota Enlightens Us With New News

It's been a while since a rep from Nintendo has said much of anything. They've been sorta keeping to themselves over the last couple of weeks. But Mr. Miyamota has come out of hiding and in a big way. Over at IGN he has shared some new secrets, some Wii history, and even some of the games he'll be doing. Here's some of what he had to say: Miyamoto first spoke about the origins of the system. "It was very important to have it become 'something that would be best to have there,'" he said, speaking of Nintendo's desire to make the Wii an attractive machine for households. Miyamoto feels that game machines had the status of a desirable household item at one point, but they lost it. The change happened when games "lost their fundamental nature as pure entertainment." Nunchuck isn't the precise name for the analog expansion unit that will ship with every Wii, though. Anything that's attached to the Wii-mote in similar fashion to the analog expansion unit is said to be in a nunchuck style position. Anything that's fixed to the remote similar to the gun expansion that was shown at E3 is said to be in zapper style position. Miyamoto also touched upon one of the last areas of the controller's functionality, its speaker. "We had a lengthy discussion on the matter," said Miyamoto about the decision to include either a speaker or a microphone in the controller. There was apparently even some consideration of including neither in order to keep the controller from becoming too complicated, but this was vetoed. "Because you're using a wireless, rod-shaped remote control to play, it's important to have feedback and reaction to the actions that you take," said Miyamoto. "Controllers until now have used rumble, but we felt that rumble would be insufficient, and ended up keeping the speaker in." He let out one bit of information, confirming first if it was okay to reveal it. Nintendo is making a game in which four players play together by passing a single controller around. The controller calls out player names in order to indicate whose turn it is. One of Nintendo Dream's closing questions for this interview asked Miyamoto to list the games in whose development he's directly involved. "Wii is the main [platform]," he said, "and I'm working on a number of titles, but there are some that have yet to be announced so I can't give an exact number." Pausing to think for a bit, he concluded that he's working on "a lot of games." "Of the games that have been announced, I'm working fully on Zelda, and also working on Mario Galaxy and Wii Sports. I'm also working on the product that was referred to as 'Remote Pointer Demo' at E3." Very very interesting. In the beginning he was talking about the origins. Talking about where the ideas behind the Wii started off. Then he started getting into the Wiimote and nunchuck accessory. Originally they were called the Core Unit and the Peripheal Unit. Thank god those names were changed. The nunchuck got it's name from people that saw it cause it just looked like a nunchuck. Then he talks about that at first they wanted to have a mic and speaker in there. But in the end they ended up with just a speaker thus far. But this leaves still the oppurtunity of a mic still being available. But it looks like it still took them alot just to keep the speaker cause many devs wanted them to keep it so they did. But I wouldn't be surprised to see that mic reappear cause it will cost so little to the customer that it would be an overall loss not to have it. And then he goes on to talk about games he's making. Such as that one where you pass the controller between 4 people. Sounds like it could be interesting to have a party with. Plus as we all know he's involved in the Zelda TP, and probably the next generation Zelda too, Mario Galaxy, and Wii Sports. But he's also working on a supposed one called Remote Pointer Demo. Here is a video of the Remote Pointer Demo to find out more about it. But those are only the ones he's working on that are announced. He's also still working on a lot of unannounced games. This gets me extremely excited now. What could they be. Let's hope he clarifies on that more soon. Zucas


Blogger Malvolio said...

Even if the mic is not included there can still be a small attachment on the bottom to put a mic(the same port where the numchuk goes)

7/21/2006 08:44:00 PM  
Blogger irishwretler said...

not enough news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7/21/2006 09:13:00 PM  
Blogger SUPRAMAN84 said...

I thought nunchuck was a bad name. What about the Wii! Wii or Revolution? I'll go with the latter.

7/21/2006 09:25:00 PM  

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