Sunday, July 30, 2006

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Multiplayer Downloadable?

MP3: C has been one of those games all Nintendo fans want to see have multiplayer. Yet Retro Studios has been really lay back and saying that they don't have any multiplayer planned. But they have said that they want to use WiiConnect24 to it's fullest extent. With that said look at this pic and read what it says. This comes from NGamer magazine as one of the lower captions and this will really get people happy:

Ah very nice that would be so sweet. Mr. Iwata has said that he wants the Wii to be the console that changes everyday. So one night you go to sleep after beating MP3 on single player. Next morning you wake up it has an extensive multiplayer online. This would give developers a lot of freedom to continously mak their games new and fresh everday like the customer had just bought a new game. WiiConnect24 is definetly a wonderful idea and let's hope this all is true.



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