Thursday, July 20, 2006

Matt's Wii Rumors

As Matt promised from yesterday's article he put up some Wii rumors for all of us to look upon. Things ranging from VC to Crash Bandicoot to Naruto. All really good. Check it out. He even tells you which one you should think and not think is real. He did everything for us haha. But always remember these are all just rumors. Well on my personal view I think that easily Excite Truck will be a launch title. I mean no reason why it shouldn't. It should also be a good game to show off online as it's just a perfect title for it. Also I disagree with Matt and I think Crash Bandicoot is very possible. And Naruto is extremely possible with the creator already putting much interest into the Wii. And German Games Convention will have a lot of new stuff with playable Wii games and even new games. And finally there will be a wide assortment of Wii VC console games to start you off on your old school collection. So 20-30 sounds about right. Let's hope all of these are true. Zucas


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