Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Matt Speculates About Wii Launch

Over at Matt's IGN blog he has written an interesting article concerning when he thinks the Wii will launch. He gives a lot of good ideas such as going over a reader's idea of that press release and what release date he got which was the 9th. But he talks more on the idea of the Oct 2nd and says that is very reasonable and goes over why it is quite possible and why it isn't possible. A great read for anyone still interested in the press release that sparked hype all around and in when they'll get their Wii. I think an early October release is extremely possible. And I agree with a lot of Matt's opinions. But I don't think TGS will be the big event where they release all the big info cause I think that cuts it too close to the release. They want to get hype up a month before the release so people will be preordering like crazy. But early October gives the Wii a huge advantage with over a month's release of the PS3. Also it'll give people a chance to already have the Wii before the Holidays which gives games on the Wii a larger user base for the biggest gaming time of the year, November. There is a lot of advantages to doing this and I can see this as a very possible date. Let's just hope they release info on the release date soon cause I know it's driving everyone crazy. We need to know. Nintendo just one little sentence. But I have a feeling soon they'll start to release some more info. August is almost here which gives us 2-3 months before the Wii releases. Can you believe it's that close. I can't. Time sure does fly by and will enormously when I have my Wii. Zucas


Blogger SUPRAMAN84 said...

I hate that idiot. You should hate him. He claimed to have the official Wii specs. I think October is possible, before the PS3 and right around Gears of War.

7/26/2006 09:05:00 PM  
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