Thursday, July 20, 2006

Matt Says Interesting Things On Blog

If anybody knows Matt you know he's always out to torture us in some way. Well now he is doing it Nintendo style as he hinting at stuff without actually telling us haha. Well he's made an update to his IGN Blog with some very interesting things. Such as these lines: "September is the month. Something's happening then. A Wii-focused event, most likely. I expect we're going to learn lots at this event and play lots more. Plus, we should get the final release date and price for Wii at around the same time. " "I'm figuring Wii will launch with upward of 20 games. And this doesn't account for the Virtual Console titles. I'll be posting some rumors on how many of those to expect at launch, too. Bozon and I are going to be damned busy first previewing and then reviewing all of these games at launch and I'm really looking forward to it. Better to be swamped with content than to fight for scraps. " Very interesting comments indeed especially the first one. Now as many reports have stated and the official press release Nintendo is not to be showing up at TGS. And anyway if they did it's not a wii-centric event. So what is the only event that is possible out there for it to be a Nintendo and Wii-centric event. Um can anyone say Spaceworld 2006. The rumors of their being a Spaceworld 2006 have been looming for the longest times and Matt may have just given us that confirmation. Also Nintendo back in 2000 decided to reveal their GC hardware at the event so why not reveal their Wii hardware at the same event 6 years later. Makes perfect sense. And yes we need to know release date and price soon but let's hope it's earlier than September that we learn about that. 20 games at launch would be quite good. That's more than most launches and that would give a vary good variety. But right now I'm concerned about how many of those games will incorporate and online with Nintendo keeping that aspect so low. Also with the VC consoles you may be getting somewhere from 50-100 games available when you include VC games for launch. That would be incredible and really get Nintendo and the Wii off to a great start. So Matt get those rumors you have up soon cause we need some piece of info haha. ANd yea it'll be alot of work reviewing all those Wii games but it's definetly better than none at all to review. All I can say is that we've been waiting for the longest time but I think it will all pay off. All they hype and the waiting will soon make sense and we'll know why. Let's hope soon. Zucas


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