Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lumines II with more than J-pop

It has been anounced today that Lumines 2 will have more than the japanese pop music of the last game. It's still not the best music in the world but i'm glad to see familiar songs on the list. Not only that but most of the songs will be acompanied by their music videos for the background of the level. Here is the song list so far:

Artists with songs and videos:

Beck--"Black Tambourine" Black Eyed Peas--"Pump It" Chemical Brothers--"Star Guitar" Fatboy Slim--"Gangster Trippin'" The Go! Team--"Bottle Rocket" Gwen Stefani--"Hollaback Girl" Hoobastank--"Born to Lead" Junior Senior--"Take My Time" Missy Elliott--"Lose Control" New Order--TBD

Artists with songs only:

Junkie XL--"Breezer" Stigmato Inc--"Reality Check" I'm so happy "Hollaback Girl" is on there. Everyone get excited because Lumines 2 is coming out for the psp in november and the 360 viva xbox live arcade this month. -Malvolio


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