Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lots of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Stuff Lately

I've missed putting most of this stuff up but for all our Pokemon fans I've found all the new stuff on the upcoming big DS game and will put it down here. First here some new news on the game details: The starting Pokémon may be of the Fighting/Dark/Psychic typesThe region, Shinou, has an underground worldRoselia may be given an evolutionAttacks will be made Physical or Special based on the actual attacks. Attacks like ThunderPunch will become Physical Attacks whereas Hyper Beam becomes a Special Attack. This highly changes the battling metagame and may make some Pokémon weaker than before and some even stronger. So some details on your starter pokemon. And the changing of some attacks ought to make the game a lot more interesting especially for online play. Ok on the next big part of news is that they broke down the Wifi setup for the game. These aren't the features but rather the details of how to connect and play with people in the game. Next there has been an update on the Yahoo Pokemon site with lots of new stuff such as movies. A must checkout. Also the boxart for the games has been revealed: Pretty awesome huh. And to top it off here is a hell of a lot of screens for the game. Hell of a lot of pics I hope that gets everyone caught up with the big next gen handheld Pokemon game. As just it having Wifi gets me extremely excited. This will definetly be a big hit in both America and Japan and possibly even Europe. It's the Pokemon game from people's dreams. It'll be hitting stores later this year. Zucas


Blogger 21gamer said...


This is your Pokemon update!

Oh yeah, Pokemon is a Heaven "exclusive"!!!


You guys are doing fine but you guys are moving way too fast. The posts should be big and indepth. Too many posts usually means bad quality.
Other words the competitiveness is teh only thing that seems to matter right now...

7/19/2006 03:13:00 PM  
Blogger Zucas said...

Haha your the one to talk. Why should I go really in depth on this cause I'd just be repeating what the original writer said. Instead I give more by showing less. What have you done with your life.

Haha obviously we are doing just fine cause last I checked we have 3000 hits. You'd be lucky to have 1000 haha. And all of our posts are of the best quality. They are the truth and my writers post the truth along with opinions. Everynow and then we'll post something that's in depth and an analysis but we're about the news baby. We're about giving gamers what they want. Reviews, previews, news, analysis, podcasts, and the best writers with diverse opinions. Heaven ain't got nothing over us.

7/19/2006 04:30:00 PM  
Blogger 21gamer said...

Hits, Eman and i have visited your site alot and I mean alot. It's mainly my team going over to see what your site is doing, partly cus we don't want to be the same. We had almost 10,000 mainly due to my advertisign and spreading of the word but hits don't mean much because it could be 1 person for all we know. A guest book is a little more valid.

I don't know what you mean by what have I done with my life but I am a very good poet and writter (yes, when I am online I tend to be too tired to use proper grammar and have lots of typos). i wrote a poem that was good enough to get an actual writter to drievr all the way to my town just to talk to me alone about my poem. I have been known by most people in my school to be an excellent debater and a good football player. Not to mention politics. The drawback is that for excelling in English and History I am lacking Algebra and Chemistry.

Anyways, going in depth does not make it a copy if you are doing your own analysis. On my site I went in depth on the new Pokemon world and what it's size would be like compared to other maps and looking at little details.

Posting your own speculations and going more indepth instead of letting the links do all the work for you and when I say this I mean seriously like the older posts that were done in thise site's younger days. This is obviously turning into a race of who can do the most posts and not the best quality. Obviously there will be news that will only be a few sentences but the whole point in reading articles from moer than one site is not just to find mmore information but also to see what others have to say and their indepth analysis and possibilies, in mass media it would be the sharing of information and ideas.

That is the whole point in different sites because anyone can just post news but a good site is oen that can post it's opinion with the news.

GameInformer is the biggest gaming magazine and 1 of the biggest videogame sites because they don't just announce the news they use humor and voice their opnions with no problem. They also try to get more than 1 opinion on something.

7/19/2006 05:37:00 PM  
Blogger Zucas said...

Dude what is your problem haha. I'm not accusing you of nothing. And I'm not trying to put out the most quantity but trying to give the most news with all varities to my readers. I mean sometimes me and my writers will go in depth but we're out to give fans the solid facts. And the only way to do that is give links. I mean I'm not competing with you but for some reason you seem to think we are.

I'm out to make a good site for all gamers of all kinds. I'm not out to say that Paradise is kicking your ass. You better watch what you say.

Anyways we have very good quality posts. The Pokemon got everyone on my site caught up with the new Pokemon game. They wanted info I gave them info. I'm not over here discussing stuff on it cause that was not the purpose of it. And you know as well as I do that I can go as in depth as anyone. But you didn't even take a glance at my Guts N Glory post on this site. That is more in depth than any of your stuff period. Good day to you sir.

7/19/2006 07:12:00 PM  
Blogger Malvolio said...

to tell you the truth i would rather have short news articles. I want to go to a site read some quick articles and get out. All of our analysis can be done in the podcast which is better and easier because that way three people can all voice their opinion.

7/19/2006 08:51:00 PM  
Blogger 21gamer said...

If you didn't realize, the 1st part of the post was a joke and the 2nd part was the serious part. All of a sudden overnight just a bunch of short posts popped up and didn't seem interesting because a bunch of them could've gone more indepth.

I'm part of the audience and I want more indepth.

I ask for indepth and I get it thrown back in my face, poor customer servicec and satisfaction.

What made it seem like you were trying to compete were the all the posts and 1 which you did on your own threatening to take away MY STAFF.

Guts N' Glory was pretty much the only indepth post lately and if you want to argue indepth I can easily win.

I did an extremely long post on the new Wii game and as well as giving facts and possibbities I had a big section rediculing the name and other consoles for entertainment.

More than just facts is what I, part of the readers, wants very simple.

Now if some people prefer it shorter, brief, and to the point I have a new solution that I shall implement at my site to solve the proble both the short post lovers and the long indepth post lovers.

7/19/2006 09:33:00 PM  

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