Thursday, July 13, 2006

Large Wii Rumor List

A large list of rumors has surfaced for the Wii and they are some damn good ones. Lot of very interesting ones too. Check it out: Just before last E3, one of our contacts talked about the possibility to see Panzer Dragoon in our Wiis next year, could it be one of Sega’s unannounced tittles? This time we bring you a rumor which we hope will never become truth. It seems that Hideo Kojima’s Project has been temporarily cancelled, and probably ported to PS3. Control innovations would still remain in that platform. According to our sources, it would perfectly adapt to the PS3 controller and its new functions, that’s why Sony is trying to pay for the exclusivity. So right now, this project is in the air. Aside from the new Pokémon that has been announced (Pokémon Stadium style), it seems that the development of a brand new title has begun, codename: Pokémon RPG. Nothing else is known about this, although with that name… And now we go with Resident Evil (although the information received seems a little bit weird). It seems that Capcom is really committed with the Wii version: the game will use an improved version of RE4’s engine, greatly pushing the graphical quality.The control scheme will be the same used in RE4, but using the capacities of the wiimote. What lead us to confusion is the following… it’s said that they already have Chris Redfield finished model and part of Raccon City stage after being destroyed… ??. In addition it seems that Capcom could be developing another brand new Survival Horror IP, only for Wii. Entering NDS topic, we rescue a past rumor from the tenth edition, where we mentioned a possible second part for Super Mario 64 DS (a sequel, but with another name). But this time we add another incoming Mario title: New Super Mario Bros sequel, also for DS. A new project from Nintendo could be in development but in this you’ll need a Nintendo DS in order to play, since Wii will send data to the DS like some sort of PDA of the main character of the game. In the DS it will be possible to solve puzzles or receive information, which later will interact with the game at the television. Possibly it is a first person adventure, stressing again the more adult nature of the new Nintendo IPs. Now we jump to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Almost by fact, Sonic will be within the cast of characters, and of course will have exclusive actions and objects, for example, become Supersonic, or an emerald to use against his opponents. The new Miyamoto’s concept with Mario Galaxy can be deeper as first thought. At E3, they showed only one planetary system with several destinations to explore in form of small planets, but the latest rumors would aim at a complex set of several systems that we have to find out. And in them we will find some really big planets, for instance, one that is supposedly very similar to the Earth in features and size. Let’s speak about a fantasy one: Eragon, a game based on the film scheduled for Christmas - based as well on books by Christopher Paolini, (confirmed at this moment for all platforms except Wii and PS3). Vivendi would want to bring it, but it seems that Nintendo is not convinced yet. Same problem face both companies with Scarface, but in this case the Great N seems much more negative about the style of the game (perhaps if both titles took more advantage of Wii’s gaming freedom…). The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which tries to become the game of the year (and of the History), also wants to bring more rumors than anyone. At this moment loads of side-quests would be being added. Even it has been said that we will be able to hunt insects with a virtual net (you already know how). It seems that our friend Tingle will return to give the funny (?) side of this chapter. But as we already know, the drama and maturity will reign in the argument. So it is that Link could suffer extremely while the twilight princess gains an importance we’ve never seen before. According to what we’ve been told, several endings are being handed, and one of them will be chosen very soon. In addition, the staff behind the game will have to do their best if they want the game to arrive in time (We hope!). Long time ago we said that Nintendo wanted to take up the Star Fox saga again in Wii with the quality that it deserves. Rumors have it that some Rare old workers would have joined to the project. Without a doubt, Shigeru Miyamoto’s new IP has been the most mysterious project of Mario’s company for years. Let’s take two possible rumored notes: codename “Pulse”, slight commentary “a game that changes in a daily basis”. Square is worried with the amount of available Lites at Final Fantasy III release date. Without a doubt this is one of the hits of the year, and if it gets the awaited success, the FFVII remake thing could become a fact for the dual screened. It would be the first time to try to seriously bring the 3D main series to the portable market, in its full power. Even it has been said that for FFIII, Square started playing around with N64’s primitive FFVII engine. This one seems obvious: they told us that Superman will be more multiplatform than ever, and also will try to take advantage of the movies-mania in Wii. MISC: The peripheral party for Wii begins. If everything is fulfilled, we’ll have headphones, cameras, hard disks… even a specifically designed wireless keyboard, with that common Apple style, and a blue-lighted button specially set to WiiConnect24, which warns about new contents. Besides, WiiConnect24 could also be used to maintain some kind of emission in the TV when the console is in StandBy mode. When you change to the Wii channel, it is not a black screen. On the other hand, the company’s microphone-mania could lead to its inclusion in the final controller (although it seems very complicated to us). Who knows if it will be for the launching, or the supposed WiiTalk service, hypothetically scheduled for 2007. They still have to decide. Now let’s return to speak about the Virtual Console. Some rumors say that they are already testing with SegaSaturn games, but the process to execute them in Wii is very difficult, reason why a possible compatibility with a few selected titles is being thought, and not the whole catalogue. Another old rumor that sounds even stronger this time is SNK with Neo-geo games. In addition it seems that Nintendo is in conversations with MAME parents to make it compatible with Wii so some arcade ROMS could be downloaded legally… a big success would be, without a doubt. About the launch date. Many (MANY) dates are considered today (so this could be wrong). We make our bet and say what has arrived to our ears (be careful, RUMORS). Probably October , 16th - 21st in Japan and before the end/early Nov in Europe/USA, always considering that the console would be in the street at least two weeks before PS3. Wii colors for Europe: black and white. Nintendo would like to offer a software system to create compatible games for the Virtual Console, with packages of editable maps, characters, actions…. No more information has arrived about. It may seem as a small curiosity, but we should notify the supposed effort that they will make to redesign NoE’s main site. It’s planned before the Wii’s launch, willing to reach the level of the American and Japanese versions. Source Really interesting eh. Especially the RE one which is strongly suggesting that RE5 will be on the Wii. And then more VC selection is always good and possibly a Pokemon MMO. And a Star Fox game would be awesome. But read all of them and tell me your opinion on them what you think is real. But hope all of them are real accept for the Vivendi and Kojima ones haha. More on these as they come. Zucas


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