Friday, July 21, 2006

Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for July 10-16

Well if weekend's couldn't be any slower at least we got sales in Japan to cheer us all up. Haha unless only I like sales but always nice to see the DS Lite kick everyone's ass every weekend. Well as usual let's go to hardware sales: Nintendo DS Lite 140,858 PSP 35,283 Playstation 2 23,927 Nintendo DS 11,821 Gameboy Advance SP 2,619 Micro Gameboy 1,581 Xbox 360 1,105 Gamecube 928 Gameboy Advance 28 Xbox 10 Well as usual the DS Lite is raping everyone in Japan. Those Japanese just can't get enough of it. And the PSP picked up a little bit while the PS2 stays it's consistent 20 some odd thousand. But for another week the X360 takes the crown over the GC but loses to the Micro. And GBA original stays ahead of the Xbox by 18 but Xbox stays in double digits. Haha Bill Gates probably goes to Japan every week and buys a few Xboxes to give it sales haha. Anyways let's got to software. 1 Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 13 151906 (PS2) 151,906 2 New Super Mario Bros. 119190 (DS) 2,256,870 3 Persona 3 116682 (PS2) 116,682 4 Million Monkeys 57255 (PS2) 57,255 5 More Brain Age 52024 (DS) 2,752,211 6 Project Hacker 37165 (DS) 37,165 7 Loco Roco 31848 (PSP) 31,848 8 Brain Age 31549 (DS) 2,539,922 9 Naruto 26518 (DS) 26,518 10 Animal Crossing: Wild World 25746 (DS) 2,937,042 Well like most weeks a new PS2 game comes in and sells alot and Super Mario Bros. falls back to 2nd. With another few PS2 titles and the regular DS titles it stays pretty much the same. But animal crossing almost falls out of the top 10 which is really weird. And Loco Roco makes it's appearance at not too good of a start. But in the next couple of weeks AC should be hitting 3 million and that'll be quite a landmark. And the 2 Brain Age and New Super Mario Bros may do it soon also. Well more for this next week. Zucas


Blogger Journey said...

Nice! Zucas I think we should assign days to the editors. Like one person posts on mondays, another on tuesdays, etc... The blog is being flooded with posts and it's getting overwhelming. This is just my opinion.

7/21/2006 12:23:00 PM  
Blogger Zucas said...

Ah but I like it that way personally. Don't worry I see it sort of like Kotaku in many ways. A bunch of posts but all having to do with gaming. We are not trying to be IGN. We are trying to be a strictly gaming site. And as long as all the posts are gaming I don't mind there being a little clutter. But with my new thing that I got the idea from gonintendo where I put all the news that occured on that day in one post that really helps to make it easier.

But as of now I like everything on the 1st page and we'll keep it that way. If it becomes a huge problem then we may start outsourcing but right now I think it's ok.

7/21/2006 01:16:00 PM  

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