Friday, July 21, 2006

Ignoring Nintendo was a Massive Error Says Sega

A report that I posted a little while back said how an analsyst thought that missing out on the Wii early was a huge mistake. It took developers by surprise basically. Well Sega confirms this and refutes it a little also. Sega says they are not one of those companies caught like a deer in headlights. Check what they had to say: “The industry realized they had been ignoring Nintendo which was a massive error. It’s true that a lot of third parties have been flat footed when it comes to having games ready for the launch window but Sega is certainly not one of them. Some third parties have shown a lack of imagination when dealing with this new platform. The way the Wii is being built you have to design for it. Ports and upgrades are no good. That thinking takes a little bit of creativity and not every publisher has the necessary creative people available.” “It’s a real sea change (Wii, compared to the competition). Nintendo didn’t kick into gear until E3 2006, when they seemed to go from zero to 60 in one day. They were being beaten up by pundits one day and lauded the next.” Ah big words by one of the biggest developers out there. I would definetly tend to agree that companies just not taking advantage of the Wii was a massive error and they'll be trying to make up for it quick. And I hope this thing saying Sega did not miss out on it means they have more coming to the Wii for launch maybe or even this year. That would be great. And haha Sega taking a shot at devs. Haha not being creative enough eh. Well in a lot of ways they are right. Games just aren't being made original and new anymore in a sense of gameplay and storyline. But I do disagree that Nintendo kicked into gear in TGS 2005 when they unleashed their controller but what most devs mean is that they didn't fully know it woudl be insane and awesome until E3 2006. Lets hope for more from Sega soon. Zucas


Blogger irishwretler said...

it's about time people and companies started recognising the wii and what it can do, i'm tired of nintendo taking a back seat when it comes to new games and exclusives

7/21/2006 03:13:00 PM  

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