Thursday, July 13, 2006

Huxley: Revolutionary FPS MMO

Huxley is a game that has been under development for quite some time now, and as details emerge the game sounds more and more revolutionary. Halo 2 was the pinnacle shooter for the Xbox, it had intense online play with many multiplayer options to satisfy the most impatient gamers. It has dominated Xbox Live since and has never slipped from the weekly number one Xbox Live chart. MMO FPS are a very niche genre yet could be as important as Goldeneye, Halo, and Half Life 2. A successful MMO FPS has never been landed on any console, but Webzen will change that with Huxley. Huxley has a fairly generic storyline with a typical war between 2 races and one vital race in between. But single player is not what this game's about. This game is mostly focused on multiplayer, and Webzen plans to create a whole new breed of shooters for the console. The game will feature elements like a mini economy where as players gain skill and increase their rank from 1 to the top rank 50 they will gain new weapons, optional vehicle purchase(for cruising the streets), and special abilities. It is unknown right now whether the game will allow you to purchase weapons and vehicles with Microsoft points via Xbox Live. Also known is that Webzen will try their best to keep players within a scale of 5 levels higher or 5 levels lower so that the game is not unfair. Also known is that Huxley will be available for Windows and the Xbox 360, and players will be able to interact with each other. Each server will contain a maximum of 5,000 people and each city will have tunnels that leads you into a massive game instantly. These battles will contain your typical plethora of guns and will aslo be fought in teams because otherwise the game would be very difficult to enjoy. Webzen has not announced much about this title, speculation continues on how Microsoft points will be incorporated, whether the game will feature Live Anywhere technology, and the exact details of weapons and vehicles. For all 360 and PC gamers out there, look forward for this groundbreaking experience in late 2006 or early 2007.


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