Tuesday, July 25, 2006

HD-DVD Launching Ad Campaign, Others Follow

Toshiba has announced that an alliance between Microsoft, Intel, HP, Paramount, Warner, Universal, and of course Toshiba has been made for an upcoming ad campaign this fall. The studio in charge of the campaign is responsible for "Got Milk", and is the main advertising agency for other companies like HP, Motorola, Saturn, Comcast, Netflix, and Starbucks. Also known is that a massive "HD-DVD 18 Wheeler" will hit the road and spread consumer awareness of HD-DVD across the summer. Microsoft has also announced that they're launching two other ad campaigns this fall, mainly for promoting their Xbox 360 and upcoming Zune media player. The Xbox 360 campaign will be focused on none other than games and the experience they provide on the Xbox 360. Also part of their ad campaign is the use of music performances to promote the upcoming blockbuster, Gears of War. Microsoft advertising authorities have also announced that the upcoming "Zune" advertising will be an even larger campaign than the original Xbox 360 ad campaign.


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