Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gearbox Wants a Revolution

Gearbox Software is most known for their acclaimed series Brothers in Arms. The new game in that line, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway has thuse been announced for the PS3 and 360 but yet no Wii. But a spark of hope for that game coming to the Wii has arisen today with Gearbox Software officially announcing support for the Wii. "Gearbox Software is enthusiastically supporting the Wii," said company president Randy Pitchford. The company head had no comment on what Wii projects it could be working on, saying only that, "At this time, we don't have any announcements to make about specific games we may be developing for Wii." Ah weird way how he says that they can't make announcements about specific games they are developing for the Wii. Aha it seems that our buds over at Gearbox has multiple titles in the work for the Nintendo Wii right now and one of those could include Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. I'm very happy to have Gearbox supporting the Nintendo Wii cause their Brothers in Arms series would just be another great game that would work quite well with the Wii. Also in the interview he went on to say the Wii's Weaknesses and Strenghts. Interesting on the Wii's weaknesses as of lack of power and with the Wiimote harder to port across all systems but these are things we hear from all developers. But still nothing but good news concerning this. I would love to see Brother's in Arms make it's way to the Nintendo Wii and other projects they may have. Possibly an announcement soon at maybe the German Gaming Convention or Spaceworld? Could possibly be but just another big company that wants a Revolution. Zucas


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