Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Game Retail Stores Planning For Holiday 2006?

A supposed worker at a game retailer posted what he and his store are doing to plan for the incoming next generation consoles but more of how they are doing it. It seems that they are giving more thought into the Wii and DS as their 2 main systems they are supporting. Check out their setup: having started work for GAME i've been amazed at just how behind the DS they are. they are no fools, they pushed the psp, yes, when it came out just like the DS when it first arrived, but the PSP is selling abysmally (spelling?) and a lot of people are trading them in for DS Lite's! talking to my manager she was telling me how GAME are remerchandising themselves this autumn, new mid-shop shelving, and a brand new look to the shop floors and staff etc etc. (as in staff uniform, we're not all being sent out for Extreme Makeovers or anything!!) the DS is apparently to stay at the front of the shops, taking up more space than the PSP, the Wii will be right beside this, taking up three full bays and maybe a floor unit too. the opposite front bays (at the minute) are unconfirmed but possibly for special offers etc. the 360 is being relegated to the back wall, the chain's official stance is that it is to "pull the already installed base of 360 customers down to the back of the shop past everything else, so they have to look at evertything else on their way past, you see?" the original xbox is being well cut back already, you'll see it getting the cube's treatment sooner than you think folks! the PC chart will still occupy wall bays but the majority of its software will be on the floor shelving (which is changing to long ailes like you'd see in HMV, instead of those small singular units) along with all the preowned. the psp, ps2 and ps3 (also 3 bays in the average-large GAME shop) will be between all the nintendo goodness and the 360 stuff down the back. not bad eh? they really ARE gonna push the Wii. oh, and sony have instructed GAME already that pre-orders for the ps3 will HAVE to be accompanied with a £150 deposit!!! AND the shops will only get enough machines in to cover the EXACT amount of deposits! yep, they're gonna claim "oh look we're so popular we're sold out, and that's making headlines for us, aren't we great" when it's being cooked up by them all along as per usual! one bad thing about my new job... my manageress is heading to a "special conference" in september in england, and part of it is playing the Wii and i won't be there! argh! lol! Ah very interesting on their setup. It seems that this retailer is going to be putting the DS and the Wii in the front. The PS3, PSP, and PS2 in the middle, and the X360 and Xbox in the back. And the PC all in the middle. Ah very interesting setup. It seems they are really trying to support the Wii as to maybe they have more preorders for the Wii or something. I like his thought on the 360 that they are moving it to the back so they can see the new stuff as in Wii and PS3 1st before they get to the X360 stuff they are looking for. Also if this is true then it's correct to preorder the PS3 you have to put $150 down payment. Gosh what are we doing here buying a care or something. That's ludacris. But as you can tell this dude is a Nintendo fan so it is written in a Nintendo's fans perspective but this is what he had to say. As of the special conference his boss is going to it seems that Nintendo may be showing off the Wii there. Probably an event held for the UK retailers to talk about the Wii and everything about it's launch. As to shipping to launch games. Too bad he can't go. Now this was written on a forum so really can't say if this is real or not cause anyone could go out and just write this but I wouldn't be surprised if it is. I mean this doesn't reveal too much that is unknown so really this could probably taken real but I have to classify it as a rumor cause it's not actual fact proven. But I'd say this is pretty trustworthy. Source Zucas


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