Tuesday, July 18, 2006

DS Shipments Increase to 2.2 Million Per Month

And just when Nintendo thought that 2 million would be enough they thought wrong. With the DS and DS Lite selling like there is no tomorrow it seems that Nintendo had to ramp up sales. Especially now with the DS Lite having entered Europe and America sales have definetly seen a surplus and with Japan continuing to rise makes you wonder if 2.2 million will be able to satisfy customers. I have never seen something like DS. I mean it goes back to the Gameboy where it was just incredible with sales and people wanting it. The DS is just taking off like a rocket and not looking back. But with Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and LOZ: Phantom Hour Glass all releasing quite soon it even more makes you wonder if 2.5 to 3 million will be able to keep in stock. Well Nintendo is usually good at keeping things in stock so if they feel a need to ramp up units they will. More on the DS as it progresses. Source Zucas


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